Mining Consulting Services

Mining Consulting Services

As pioneers in the mining field, we can provide technical guidance, appropriate explanations to make wiser project decisions, and guidelines to minimize risk and maximize profits. Alongside this, we hire a team of consultants to meet each project’s needs and also partner with companies specialized in metal processing and infrastructure.

Services We Provide To Startups

 -Soil & Mineral investigation
-Exploratory & feasibility studies on mines and quarries
-Investigating mines and quarries and evaluating their machinery and equipment
-Managing mines and quarries and providing technical consultancy in mining
-Evaluation of mining production capacity
-Production and development scheduling
-Feasibility and cost-benefit analysis
-Identifying the appropriate methods of extracting minerals from their ores
-Construction of metal production and processing plants
-Tests to improve productivity and employment growth
-Selection of mining equipment
-Mining logistics capacity assessment
-Construction and operational technical drawings and measurements
-Testing alloys.
-Determining the real needs of the workforce in the short and long term
-Labor supply (chemists and geologists) with whom have experience in mining
-Preparing the project implementation schedule
-Preparation and evaluation of financial models for projects

Services We Provide To Existing

-Studying the current situation and identifying problems
-Suggesting and implementing new solutions to the problems of the current situation
-Improving the current project’s plan and boosting productivity with other plans
-Monitoring resources and comparing them with goals and expected results
-Setting realistic plans to cut expenses and maintain the project’s budget