Energy Resources

Energy Resources

Energy resources are very important and they are involved in all industries such as using oil derivative products in the operation of factories, means of transportation and many others.
South Mining Services provides different energy alternatives to manage mining sites and camps in addition to implementing and installing these alternative energy resources. SMS offers:

Power Generators

-We provide many types and brands of generators with capabilities up to 1 MW and more, depending on the need of the site.
-Generator maintenance is a must to keep the generator working efficiently, so we sign maintenance contracts for generators with the highest level of safety and quality.
-Our team consists of highly experienced technicians who are skilled enough to repair and maintain generators.
-Generators are excellent tools when it comes to producing energy. South Mining Services provides companies with the best and most efficient battery-powered generators that do not require fuel or maintenance, they are very safe and do not make noise.

Generator Brands

South Mining Services has a partnership with El Salam Generator which specializes in the manufacturing & supply of diesel generators with high quality and excellent service.Their generators range from 2KW to 2000KW, and are equipped with all the different accessories, such as soundproof cab, trailer, distribution and control boards and automatic panels.Thanks to this successful partnership, South Mining Services provides its clients with a variety of power generators of different sizes & specifications based on the required power and project’s type & size, which are specially designed to withstand challenging weather conditions and high temperatures so suit mining sites. We provide the following generators:
-It’s one of the best heavy-duty industrial diesel engines, manufactured in India, UK, USA according to KVA regions
– It’s available from 30 kva to 2000 kva.
-Easy installation & worldwide support
-High quality with built-in reliability keeps the power production running
-Quick service, low oil volume, long service intervals
-Available from(128 kva to 630 kva)
-It’s an Italian duty industrial diesel engine.
-It’s available from 30 kva to 1000 kva.
-It’s an Italian heavy reliable, considered as the first & largest electronically controlled marine engine in the world.
 -It’s available from 30 kva to 1000 kva.
-It’s the brand of one of the Japanese generators & mechanical machines with high-quality.
– It can be provided with ATS and soundproof canopies.
-Available from 1 kva to 20 kva
-All spare parts of HONDA generators existed under demand.
-All powers can be modified to automatic according to customer’s needs.
-Availability of installation and maintenance.
-Gasoline & diesel generators from 3 kva to 6 kva
-These generators are produced in China from the material of high-quality
-It’s a Japanese heavy-duty industrial diesel engine.
-A very reliable engine in small water or air-cooled engines
-Available from (9 kva to 50 kva) water-cooled
                 From (3 kva to 9 kva) air-cooled
-It’s an English heavy duty industrial diesel engine, including agricultural, material handling and power generation.
-Available from (9 kva to 2500 kva)

Solar Energy

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant energy source. It has many advantages like reducing costs in businesses, eco-friendly and renewable; therefore it is our first choice in power generation. We provide fixed and detachable solar power plants with the required loads as needed by each site, and they are of high cost but with a lot of benefits and the surplus can be sold.We also offer solar panels and solar-powered products such as torches.