• Mining Services Leaders In South Egypt

  • Integrated Mining Services In One Place


About Us

  • South Mining Services(SMS) company is the first mining services company in Egypt.
  • It’s an Egyptian stock company that offers a wide range of supplementary services for mining projects, and vital services for all mining companies.
  • Whether they’re national or international, we help them overcome the challenges they face in mining and provide them with consultancy.
  • We help them achieve more growth, empower competencies, reduce risk and maximize profit so companies can stay ahead of the competition in the market.


Our ambitious vision includes many aspects: keeping up with the world’s best mining practices, investment promotion and facilitation to motivate investors and speed up mining services, troubleshooting challenges that face mining companies, maximizing the contribution of mining to the GDP of southern Egypt, generating revenues and providing job opportunities for southern citizens.


Providing the latest technologies for the construction of mining sites, increasing investment in the mining industry and contribution in new mining projects and businesses expansion whether those in the local markets or startups to achieve the best quality with minimum cost.

Our values

Our company’s services are based on a rigorous set of values that build a strong foundation for our activities. Those values are adherence to quality standards, working hard & smart, teamwork, efficiency, and integrity.


Our Partners

1-Xinhai mining group

 A Chinese company that provides the turn-key service for mineral processing plants with advanced practical technology, high-efficiency, energy-saving equipment, and high-quality intimate service to build a highly profitable mining enterprise for its clients.

2-Al Reda Mining

It’s the exclusive agent for APT company & Baker mining corporation in Egypt. It provides gold separation equipment and integrated mining services such as mine design, metal testing & analysis, equipment manufacturing, engineering consultancy, and others.

3-Alkan Company

It’s a company that provides innovative, world-class telecommunications services. It has security statements that allow it to sell AlThuraya phones in Egypt. Those phones work via satellite mode to make phone calls with a clear voice and send SMS in the deserts, sea, and mountains.